A Plus Concrete Restoration provides water Intrusion protection, and restoration, to your structural building restoration project.

We offer engineered waterproofing services to our clients, which are a perfect way to reduce water seepage/leakage where the water table is high and water can ingress through cracks, joints, honeycombs & pinholes. We offer a wide range of technically proven active waterproofing systems. The crystalline capillary waterproofing system enables effective pore sealing, it does not rely on film formation on the surface and is not affected by negative hydrostatic pressure. The crystalline waterproofing system along with other systems can be used to help maintain water tightness for:

• Condominium Balconies
• Expansion Joint and Wall Joint
• Foundations- Above and Below Grade
• Window and Door Openings
• Retaining walls & Sea-Defense Walls
• Elevator Shafts