A Plus Concrete Restoration

Experts in Structural Concrete Repair, Renovation, & Restoration

A Plus Concrete Restoration specializes in structural building restoration and renovations for concrete, steel, and wood repair and/or replacement in Southeast Florida. Specializing in concrete construction and restoration of small to mid-rise condominium buildings. As experts in concrete restoration, we will be ensuring that quality, safety, and code compliance standards are adhered to throughout the repair process. Regular discussions with building representatives will take place, to maintain an updated construction schedule as well as budgetary accuracy.


Spalling is caused by several factors, including cracking in the concrete balconies, columns, and beams which creates corrosion of rebars, the process of which results in the steel bars expanding and forcing the concrete apart. Concrete damage can occur from impact but mainly from rebar rusting and expanding inside the concrete. The result is ruptured areas of concrete at the location of rusting rebar. Spalling can become a "cancer-like" growth as more and more concrete ruptures and exposes the deteriorated rebar to moisture over time which becomes a structural issue to the building.


A PLUS CONCRETE RESTORATION works closely with the building associations' engineers to help identify and repair all delaminated areas of the building in order to pass required county inspections including the 40/50 year recertifications and local city code violations. The potential structural repairs cover all the concrete structural issues of your building including beams, columns, decks, parking garages, sun decks, pools, balconies, catwalks, soffits, walls, and more.