Here at "A Plus Concrete Restoration", we are here for all of your concrete needs. We know that one of the hardest products to find is quality concrete at affordable prices. That is why we offer our professionalism and high quality materials. Our knowledgeable staff is qualified to access all the variables that go along with the environment in South Florida for maximum proper curing. We monitor the humidity, rain, wind, and heat in South Florida so that you can be guaranteed to enjoy your new concrete for years to come. With the right variables, quality concrete has little to no maintenance requirements, eliminating the financial burden of upkeep. We specialize in large concrete pours for commercial projects, call today for special square footage pricing.

The beauty of stamped concrete is unsurpassed in any setting. This raw beauty is coupled with the longevity and durability that concrete itself offers - making stamped concrete an excellent choice for those wanting to liven up their environment. There really is no limit to what can be done with stamped concrete - virtually anything that can be done with regular concrete. Stamped concrete can be installed as patios, decks, walkways, driveways, and anything else you can dream of! Over 30 colors are available, and numerous patterns of stamped concrete are available, for your perusal. We can even overlay your existing patio and color and stamp it to match your stamped patio extension!

Stamping is usually done on fresh concrete as soon as it is poured. Stamping involves using large mats to imprint a design into the concrete. Decorative borders, exciting colors and/or CH2 for colors, texture-only surfaces, and designs are no problem. Existing concrete that is in good structural condition can be overlaid at 3/8 thick and stamped to match a fresh pour. This eliminates the need for concrete removal in most cases. Concrete that is cracking or heaving is not a good candidate for