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Experts in Structural Repair, Renovation, & Restoration

A Plus Concrete Restoration specializes in structural building restoration and renovations for concrete, steel, and wood repair and/or replacement in Southeast Florida.

Rebar Spalling Repair

Rebar spalling is caused by the exposure of the concrete to high temperatures. Spalling itself is actually the deterioration of the concrete, causing chunks of the concrete to separate from the concrete structure. Some of the most common causes of concrete spalling are high heat, pressure and moisture.

Spall damage can occur from impact but mainly from rebar rusting and expanding inside concrete. The result is ruptured areas of concrete at the location of rusting rebar. Spalling can become a "cancer-like" growth as more and more concrete ruptures and exposes more rebar to moisture.

Expansion Joint Repair & Water Intrusion Restoration

Expansion joints are assemblies designed to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of various construction materials. They are commonly found between sections of sidewalks, bridges, railway tracks, piping systems, and other structures.
We service many types of expansion joints:

  • Concrete Expansion Joint
  • Keflex Expansions Joint
  • Teflon Expansion Joint
  • Teflon Bellows Expansion Joint
  • Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Metal Expansion Joint
  • Vinyl Expansion Joint

Causes Of Failure
Throughout the year, building faces and concrete slabs will expand and contract due to the warming and cooling of our planet through the seasons. Before expansion joint gaps were built into the structures we see today, the structures would crack under this stress (thermal expansion and contraction).

Expansion joints are often neglected during the design process, and simple caulking is used to fill these gaps to complete a project. This simple caulking cannot handle the thermal expansion due to the changing seasons, ultimately leaving a leak point in the structure.

  • Structural Engineers
  • Architects
  • Government
  • Property Managers
  • Condo & Homeowner Associations
  • General Contractors
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