Decorative Concrete

Stenciled Concrete

Stenciled concrete is a wonderful variation of stamped concrete. It can be done in any of 21 colors and over 35 patterns. If you are concerned with patio furniture being wobbly or other problems that may occur from a heavily textured surface, stenciling may be the answer. Stenciling is usually done on fresh concrete as soon as it is poured, but can also be applied to an existing deck. Stenciling involves using a vinyl stencil (that is later removed) to lay out a pattern. The resulting look has 1/2" wide grout lines that are recessed ~1/8". Usually your existing or new concrete is used as the grout line color, giving the appearance of true grout. There are 35+ stencil patterns available, 3 header courses, and 3 designs that can be added if you desire.

Acid Stain/ Concrete Polish

Acid stain can be applied using many different techniques, giving a variety of stunning results. Borders, designs of any kind, and color blending are typical, and fantastic coloring effects can be achieved. We regularly install acid stains from DecoSup, Stencil Systems, and Kemiko, but can apply any brand you choose. Acid stain covers no imperfections in a slab. Instead, it takes that drab piece of imperfect concrete and turns it (and its imperfections) into a unique and elegant masterpiece of marbled color. If you are a DIY'er or just wonder about the procedure, check our general set of application instructions. These guidelines are touted as some of the best available. Some floors require more durability than acid stain can offer. For these applications, we recommend a troweled designer floor installation. These colored, textured, and sealed floors can be installed right over existing tile or cracked slabs, are extremely durable inside or out, are easy to clean, and are extremely scratch and stain resistant in almost any situation.

Brick Pavers, Travertine Tile & Marble

We’ve mastered the installation of interlocking paving stones, retaining garden walls, waterscapes, landscaping, and artificial turf.